January 11, 2016

A letter to the Kingston Whig-Standard on Ontario NDP nonsense

RE: Horwath urges young females at Kingston conference to believe in themselves

Speaking to a group of female students at Queen’s University, Ontario NDP leader Horwath said that she wants to “promote greater equity to reduce inequality, and help empower women” by implementing a tuition freeze. Making post-secondary education more affordable, she claimed, would “make it more possible to welcome even more women into the discussion.” Could a more appealing message be delivered to a group of female student activists?

But there’s a problem with Horwath’s message: 54% of all postsecondary students in Ontario are female – so the argument that the province’s severely overburdened taxpayers should be made to pay for a tuition freeze because high tuition fees are impeding the relative progress of females doesn’t make sense.

Matthew Lau
Finance and economics student, University of Toronto

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  1. She is NDP - ergo, there is no need to 'make sense.' If she did, she would be setting a new standard for the Party that would not be supported by the 'rank and file,' and because of that reality her position is really 'dead in the water,' so to speakk


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